If You’re Struggling

Resources in today’s world are abundant and accessible, especially for eating disorder recovery/management. Whether it’s online, a book, in person or in a group there are millions of resources available for people struggling with eating disorders. In light of recent events, more and more people are being asked to stay home and quarantine in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, but with that comes a host of issues for anyone that struggles with their mental health. For many, eating disorders revolve around routine and organization, mental lists of tasks that must be accomplished daily in order to feel worthy of food. With this quarantine, no one is going to the gym, no one knows when they will open back up and no one can plan for the future. The time spent going to the gym, “earning” food, getting fresh food daily, avoiding anything processed is now spent at home with your thoughts and no end in site to this pandemic. While staying home to keep yourself and the public safe, spend some time making your mental health a priority. This time away from work can be a dark time for some people, but here are some of the books that have helped me with my struggles and can exercise your mind, while possibly easing your anxiety.

Life Without Ed
By: Jenni Schaefer
My therapist in college recommended this book to me when I first started recovery. She actually knew the author and helped her during her recovery. In the book, Jenni talks about her struggle with eating disorders and how she finally overcame them. I couldn’t put this book down and I finished it in one day because I resonated so much with Jenni’s experience.

Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works
By: Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch
This book is more of a workbook that goes through the science of eating, our bodies hunger cues and how to make peace with food. There are questions throughout and prompts to work through that will challenge your eating disorder behaviors and heighten your

Unbearable Lightness
By: Portia De Rossi
In this book, Portia De Rossi explains in detail her struggle with anorexia and how it almost killed her. While this isn’t a self -help book, it does provide insight into the dangers of eating disorders and in most cases it is interesting to see how others dealt with their disorders. The book also helps those struggling to understand that this disease does not discriminate.

Goodbye Ed, Hello Me
By: Jennni Schaefer
This is the follow up book to Life Without Ed that goes on to describe how Jenni’s life was after recovery and how life does get better. Recovery is a never-ending process and Jenni’s book shows that. It is imperative, no matter what stage of recovery you are in to continue working on yourself and your mental health.

Lastly I would recommend researching videos on YouTube about recovery and ways to manage your mental health. Ted Talks are always a great place to start and a personal favorite channel of mine is Lydia Knight. She shares her own experiences with an eating disorder and now has a channel devoted to helping those struggling with their own disorders. While there are only 4 books listed above, there is an abundance of literature about eating disorders, recovery and mental health. I encourage you to read at least one book if you’re struggling or know someone who is and to reach out to someone if you need help. This quarantine doesn’t mean we have to stop communicating so make sure you’re checking up on anyone you feel may be having a hard time.

One thought on “If You’re Struggling

  1. Beautifully written and you are so right that resources are so key. When you find out you are the only one going through something, that issue loses its power because the lies it tells you that you are alone or no one would understand are shattered.

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