Moving AZ to VA

Moving is a part of life in the military that I don’t think anyone ever gets used to. Growing up my family moved a ton; at least 10 houses I can remember. Now as an adult I just “completed” my third move. Completed is a loose term considering I have yet to receive my household goods. The anticipation of moving is almost worse than actually moving, but the experience is one that not everyone will have a chance to take part in. The best part of moving is definitely decluttering and starting fresh, but the worst part is the planning, figuring out utilities, Wi-Fi, where to live and notifying all important parties…you know the basic adult things 😂 In my case, even though this was my third move I was fortunate enough to have my mother come help me move across the country from Arizona to Virginia.

For me specifically, change brings out the worst of my anxiety and my stress levels go through the roof. Waiting for the ball to drop is excruciating even though I know eventually I’ll get to where I’m going. About a month ago I was in my apartment crying because I felt like I would never make it out of Arizona. Almost everyone I knew had left Fort Huachuca already and I felt Stuck with a capital S. That week I scheduled my household goods shipment for July 2 and the countdown begin. Even though I had a countdown and that should have calmed my nerves, I never thought I would leave. The days dragged on and July 9 seemed like it would always be out of reach. I can now tell you as I said at a Starbucks in Blacksburg Virginia that it was within reach and I was just being overdramatic.

On July 2 my household goods were picked up and on the seventh my mom made it to Arizona to make a 20 Hour drive to Virginia with me. By July 9 we were on our way east with a full car and two puppers. The car ride was surprisingly easy filled with Queen, CCR, The Rolling Stones, Journey and about 5427 episodes of Crime Junkies. We made a stop in Dallas and then one more in Clarkesville to see Kris for his 27th birthday (a trip I wasn’t sure I would be able to make). On 13 July I finally arrived in Radford To start my new job as an ROTC instructor at Virginia Tech University.

Virginia is Green and beautiful with rolling hills, almost the complete opposite of Arizona (both beautiful in their own right). This move brings with it so much Positivity and happiness. Being closer to Kris in a few short hours away from my family is something I am very grateful for and I am determined to make the most of the next three years. Having a house with a yard also helps considering Bernie and Moon are two very happy puppers. I guess now I have to say “Go Hokies” but I really mean “gig ‘em Aggies 👍🏻”

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