Hi everyone! My name is Sara and I’m new to this whole world of blogging. I’m 25, I have been living in Texas for the past 7 years and although I moved here as quickly as I could, I am not a Texan by birth. I was born in Kansas and grew up in Germany, which allowed me to experience so many things that have molded me into the person I am today. I graduated high school in 2011 and attended Texas A&M, where I graduated with a bachelors degree in 2015. From there, I moved to central Texas and have been there ever since…but enough of the boring stuff. In my 25 years of life, I’ve experienced quite a lot and most of those things have not been the most socially acceptable. First off, I’m human so if anything on here is embarrassing (I’m sure there will be) please just read it and move on. Second, everyone goes through things in life so I’m just here trying to live my best life and help others do the same. Within the past decade I have overcome an eating disorder, graduated high school, graduated college, got married, deployed, got a divorce and was diagnosed with a chronic illness…so yea, there’s been a lot going on. This blog will focus on life while dealing with chronic illness, a busy work schedule and an overwhelming determination to succeed in every aspect of life. Life is an adventure, and I’m incredibly excited you’re here to join me on mine.

IMG_5307The Journey Begins

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