Morning person?

A lot of people look at me like I’m crazy for waking up at 0345 on weekdays, but for me my motivation is knowing that I can start my day in a productive manner. Is it easy everyday to wake up before the sun rises? Heck no, but it’s so wonderful to be awake before the rest of the world, knowing that I’m doing something to better myself. Whether you wake up early to workout, or simply just to have time for yourself before a busy day, a few hours can make all the difference.

Here are just a few ways you can become a morning person:

1. Make a schedule and stick to it: Come up with a time you would like to go to bed, and then what time you would like to wake up. Make sure you’re getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep, even if that means hitting the hay an hour earlier.

2. Write down a list of goals to accomplish before starting your day: My goals typically include a workout, a water intake goal and some self reflection/improvement through journaling or listening to podcasts.

3. After a week of this new habit evaluate how you feel: Take the time to see how you’re new schedule is working and tweak it if you find that the times you set for yourself aren’t working.

These are only 3 ways to start a new routine, but each tip will get you that much closer to becoming a morning person and accomplishing more throughout your day.

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