Today as I sit here and wonder what I’m doing, I can feel a sense of hopelessness but also of hope. I know that rationally this feeling won’t last and that in time I will feel better, but right now it seems like it will never end. Storms are moving in to central Texas, and I can feel it starting to change my mood and the way I feel, but it won’t last. Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, or a combination of the two just know that feelings don’t last and you can make it through anything. For the time being, I will sit with my feelings because I’m allowed to be sad, mad, angry and tomorrow I will wake up and hope that these feelings fade.

One thought on “Depression

  1. You always put in to words what is on my soul. I wish I could explain how I feel as well as you do. Thank you for always reminding me I am never alone in this fight


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