New Year, New Me?

I have always been the person who makes unattainable resolutions that ultimately end in me feeling like a failure because I couldn’t reach my “goals.” Resolutions are usually set at the beginning of a new year but are rarely ever backed by solid plans, turning them into reachable goals. This isn’t to say that you should never make resolutions, but if you do, you must create a glide path of benchmarks that will lead you to that resolution…or goal as I would rather call them. Every new year seems to bring about a renewed sense of wanting to change but that feeling is fleeting and by the 3rd week of the New Year, most resolutions are already forgotten or given up on. This year is different, this year is my year.

When January 1st hit, I made a promise that I would not make a resolution based on my body or how I think my life should be. I didn’t even think to put a price on making sure I was becoming the best version of myself because I didn’t need a “new year” to invigorate my desire to be better, know better and do better. This new year brought a sense of calm because I refused to box myself into unattainable resolutions I thought I had to make in order to fit to the status quo. The only thing I told myself was that I would be 1% better in everything I do and that I would find ways to achieve my goals that did not require me to completely re-arrange my life. No weightloss goals, no crazy savings goals, just a vow to invest in myself and create the life I want, not the one someone else thinks I should have.

You see, my “resolutions” didn’t start in January, they started in July of last year when I decided I was done making exuses and treating my mind and body like a garbage can, letting drama and bull shit cloud my desire to grow mentally and physically. I made a decision that would help bring about the change I wanted to see in my life, the change that I wanted for myself. There are many people who never invest in themselves and for a them, I hope they have a moment of clarity to truly find what they want out of life. In July I decided to invest in my future by hiring a nutrition coach, I put aside my pride and allowed Team NK and Chelsea Cross to guide me in my journey to be 1% better every day. My pride and need for approval were put aside and I can honestly say it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I’m not saying you have to do the same but you have to be able to clearly look at the goals you make and invest in whatever is necessary to make them happen (within your means of course).

I didn’t wait til January to invest in myself, I did it when I was at my lowest and needed help pulling myself out of a very dark place. I didn’t use January as an excuse to make a goal that would be forgotten in 14,21 or 30 days. I took the leap and jumped in feet first and now I have a group of amazing people that share in my desire to create lives they love. 2021 is a year that many people have been looking forward to and I must say I’m excited to see what it has to bring!

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