FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. Your heart is racing, anxiety through the roof and all you can do is obsess over what other people are doing without you around. However, this feeling doesn’t appear out of nowhere, it builds from years of being left out and ostracized. Over the years more and more people would follow suit until one day you are convinced that no one wants you around and you care so much more about people than they do about you. You see, the problem with having a big heart is that you are the one who always ends up hurt. You spend your days going over every scenario, asking yourself why you’re never good enough. If you’re like me, the thought trap that you’ll never be good enough plays on a constant loop in your brain. You let the negativity your brain creates to fuel the way you see yourself…as too much but somehow never good enough. 

When this loop starts playing in your head it’s up to you to see the silver lining and focus on the people in your life. Remember those who care and forget about the ones who would never give you the time of day. So, here is your list of things to tell yourself during an episode of FOMO

  • Realize that it doesn’t matter what other people are doing
  • You are enough 
  • It’s okay to voice your feelings 
  • You have a small circle and that’s important
  • The anxiety won’t last 
  • What you’re feeling right now won’t matter in 5 days, months or years 
  • You will get through it! 

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