Do you ever do something you know isn’t good for you? I bet almost all of you answered yes to that in your mind but if someone asked you in person you would deny it. For me, I justify things because I work out, eat right and drink enough water for a football team, but that’s not how life works. You don’t just get to negate the harmful things you do because you practice more healthy habits than not. I have one of the most, if not the most addictive personality and literally anything can become a vice but for me; the two biggest being gum and cigarettes. I promised myself I would never smoke when I was younger but here we are…only in the past few months have I started questioning why I do it. The number of people that have told me to quit and chew gum is comical because while smoking almost a pack a day, I also chew gum constantly…it’s a huge problem and I see that. In my mind, I can’t just shut it off though, I can’t just wake up and stop…it has to be methodical. Going cold turkey on anything has proven disastrous before (Sara circa 2009 who hadn’t had chocolate or peanut butter in a year).

Sometimes it’s not about will power, it’s about recognizing a problem and searching for the root so you can destroy that and build yourself up on a foundation free of cracks and unwanted weeds. I’m not sure how or when, but I will not be a lifelong “insert bad habit” I refuse. I want to be remembered as strong, confident and compassionate…not as a frustrated, angry shell of a person.

If you feel inclined, I would love to start a discussion about anything that might be hindering you from being the healthiest version of yourself!

3 thoughts on “Vice

  1. For me it’s coffee. Caffeine in general. I haven’t been able to just quit. And I think it’s because it’s not detrimental to my health. Yet. But I know deep down it’s a crutch and also a catalyst for my anxiety.


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