A new month always brings so much clarity for me with it’s fresh start appeal and positive vibes. However, October is a month that normally brings up a lot of emotions from my past that I would rather forget. Instead of forgetting this year, I am committing to feeling my feelings and finally letting go of the baggage I have been carrying with me for nearly three years.

You see, fall is a season that in the past has brought me nothing but heartache and pain…from failed relationships (romantic and friendly) to personal issues too complex to deal with. The past 3 years have been filled with a variety of things that would break most people and although they came close in my case, I chose to fight through my problems and while I’m still fighting, I have learned so many important life lessons. Past Sara would have shoved those things in a cluttered corner, letting them fester and mature into unmanageable monsters, but present Sara is finally able to see each issue for what it is and has begun to let go and learn from every negative lesson that has presented itself.

As Michael Buble defrosts I am dedicating myself to my personal, mental and physical recovery. For the next 30 days I will …

  1. Write down 3 positive things that happened each day
  2. Go into every workout with a positive mindest
  3. Allow myself to feel my emotions whether they are negative or positive
  4. Write my feelings down when they become to hard to deal with
  5. Allow myself grace in my professional life

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